Car Clubs

Our farm is well suited to Car Club visits; being slightly off-the-beaten-track (only 2 km of good quality gravel road with no corrugations) with plenty of space and many options for activities. Farm tracks are also good; and vehicles can be driven close to most of the main features and vantage points.

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A real example of what’s possible: In 2016 we provided morning tea for 50 members of the Taree Historic Motor Club. Immediately prior to visiting us they’d been to see the cattle sales at the Forbes Livestock Exchange so many members had plenty of questions about owning, raising and selling cattle. During morning tea we were pleased to provide a birthday cake and ‘birthday surprise’ for a member who had a special birthday that day. After morning tea we showed the group our off-grid power supply set-up, following which they drove on to Grenfell to enjoy some other activities we’d help organise, including a visit to Wallangreen Sculpture Garden (open by special arrangement) and lunch at the Grenfell Men’s Shed (supporting our local community).

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Brian Kelleher from the Taree Historic Motor Club was one of our main contacts during the organising phase. He is happy to be contacted by representatives from other car clubs seeking a reference on the experience in working with and visiting us; and can be contacted on 0427241773.


For further information on what we can offer call us on 0425760596.