Tree Changers

When it comes to tree-changing (moving from a city to rural area) we’ve ‘been there and done that’; and have learned many lessons which we are happy to share. Here’s a flavour of topics that come to mind:

  • Staying true to who you are and how you want to live your life
  • Help is always at hand but you need to know where to look
  • Actually making the move
  • Sourcing goods and services
  • Maintaining existing city networks
  • You are, actually, still on planet Earth; and the ‘outback’ is actually further west
  • Integrating within a rural community
  • Benefits far outweigh the pitfalls
  • For some, a personality transplant might be necessary
  • Tall poppy syndrome
  • Myths of rural living
  • ‘Buyer beware’ aspects of purchasing rural land and how to reduce the risks
  • Setting up and living with a substantial off-grid power supply system
  • Working with herding animals
  • Setting up farm water supplies
  • Land planning
  • “Everybody knows everybody and everybody tells everybody everything” –well, not quite the case, but you get our drift!

Packing up – leaving the ‘Big Smoke’!