Ochre Arch Roof ctsy DA

We are delighted to host fly-ins from flying clubs and groups. Activities are customised to suit visitor interests, time of day and duration of stay. Examples of possible activities include:

  • Morning or afternoon tea and/or lunch
  • Hosted walk around the farm infrastructure near the house
  • Hosted walk to the ochre arch
  • Aboriginal artifacts discussion
  • Just ‘chilling out’

If all you want to do is fly in and say ‘Hi’ we charge $20 per person for the morning or afternoon tea. Best that you give us an hour or twos notice so that Jan has time to cook some scones, cakes or slices.

Click here to watch a video kindly prepared by the Sydney Flying Club post their June 2017 fly-in. Video length: 11 minutes 6 seconds.

Click here for information about our landing area.

For more information or to make a booking either call us on 0425760596 or send us an email.