Grass-fed Beef

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Ochre Arch Grass Fed Beef

Our Product / What we offer

We sell and deliver into places within 3 hours drive of Grenfell fresh quarter carcass (and multiples thereof) 100 % pasture fed and finished beef grown on our own farm that is professionally slaughtered, butchered, packaged and transported direct to our customers.

Meat Cuts and Packaging

Our quarter packs are prepared in a standard ways. The table below shows the cuts on the left and the variations for how they can be or are prepared on the right:

Eye Fillet Steak
Scotch Fillet Steak/Roast
T-Bone Steak
Rump Sliced
Topside Roast/Steak
Round Sliced
Silverside Corned
Osso Bucco Sliced – Bone In
Blade Sliced/BBQ (bone in) steak
Chuck Sliced
Miscellaneous Mince & Sausages

Half a carcass (front and rear quarters) is cut up at a time. The cuts are then sorted into portions. Portions not containing bone such as rump steak are cryovaced. Mince, sausages and meat cuts containing bone are placed into separate plastic bags and sealed. The full variety of cuts are then divided equally to constitute a quarter-pack, placed into cooler carry bags and weighed, then placed on ice in the insulated containers ready for transport. It can take up to 2 weeks from order confirmation through to delivery.

The following table gives a breakdown of the various cut categories based off an actual sale of a quarter pack where the final weight sold was 35 kg:

Kgs % Cut categories
14 40 Steak and roasts with no bone content
8 22 T-Bone, blade and Osso Buco (all cuts with some bone content in them)
6 19 Sausages
4 10 Mince
3 9 Silver-side
35 100 Total

NB: Each animal is different and there are always variations. The above is included as a guide only.


The price per kilogram for a quarter-pack (which generally ranges from 25-40 kg) varies by destination, distance and combined number of quarters ordered per locality. As an example, current pricing for a quarter delivered to immediate surrounds is $15 per kg.


Three payment options are available: cash, cheque and funds transfer. We give you a tax invoice with the meat. Most people opt for funds transfer given we don’t know the exact number of kilograms until we collect the quarter packs. This works well for us too.  We do ask though, that funds are transferred same or next day.


We ask that someone be home at the arranged time to accept delivery and pay for the meat. Experience to date is that a 35 kg quarter pack fits neatly into 3 full cooler-bags (such as those you see at Aldis). It is your responsibility to pack the various cut types into smaller parcels that suit your needs and have suitable plastic freezer bags and ties on hand. For example, there is likely to be around 6 kg of sausages in one bag from a 35 kg quarter. We ask that the delivered meat be immediately placed into a suitable refrigerator, cool room or freezer.

Smaller Quantities

We have no problems at all if a customer finds others to share in a quarter. We will, however, only deliver complete quarter packs and expect full payment for the whole quarter from one person or party.

Selecting Cattle for Direct Sale

The cattle we select for direct sale are all young (12 months give or take a couple of months), well grown and in great physical conditions.

Breed and breeding

Our cows are Angus with some dairy heritage, and we use Angus bulls for breeding.

Animal handling

We are obsessed about handling our cattle on-farm in a low stress manner using low stress stock-handling techniques.

We deliver our animals directly to the abattoir the evening before slaughter. So doing means the stress of sale yards, delays and triple handling is avoided.

Diet / what our cattle eat

Our cattle live on and consume the vegetation directly from diverse pastures which are primarily native perennial species.

We do not use any hormones, antibiotics and rumen manipulators.

Grazing and grazing management

Our cattle are managed on an open range basis as a single herd, in a way that ensures there is always plenty of pasture for them to eat and that the plants have had time to fully recover prior to the next graze.


Farm tours are a key part of the enterprise mix on Ochre Arch and we are happy to show interested parties how we operate our beef cattle enterprise. Beef sale customers are most welcome to avail of a farm tour. More information about our farm tours can be found on other pages of this website.


Here’s a sample of feedback received from 3 recent sales:

  • “… tonight we had steak for dinner which was absolutely mouth-wateringly delicious.”
  • “The meat is lovely, tender and full of flavour …”
  • “OMG We just had the greatest sausages onions and mash with gravy. Unbelievable flavour. Well done on your sausages and T bones mmmm”

Placing an order

If you are interested in ordering our beef please contact either Phillip or Jan Diprose on Mob: 0425 760 596 Tel: 02 6343 5105 or forward an email to [email protected]