Campervans and Motorhomes


We’ve designated a flat area in our Airstrip Paddock immediately to the west of our house and fronting Goodes Lane for both overnight and day camping for those with campervans, caravans, motor-homes and camper trailers. The above photo was taken in September 2015 and obviously the ground surface condition changes with the season.

The Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia Limited (CMCA) has acknowledged that Ochre Arch farm meets their criteria and has been accepted as an RV Friendly Destination (TM).

The site is approximately 300 metres in length and 50 metres wide situated within and adjacent to a stand of magnificent mature Yellow Box and Western Grey Box trees which provide substantial shade; although we suggest people set up camp outside the tree drip-lines to avoid the risk of property damage or personal injury from occasional falling branches. Some of the tree branches are a bit low and we suggest care if driving close to the trees.

The following details various aspects of the site and what’s available or not:

  • Cost: $10 per site/van per 24 hour period or part thereof.
  • Toilets: Not available
  • Disabled facilities: No
  • Shade: Yes. From trees on site.
  • Fire place: a central point has been designated for camp fires. Fires are only permitted outside of the statutory Bush Fire Danger Period (which runs from 1 October to 31 March).
  • Power / powered sites: No. Generators are not permitted.
  • Vista: Most definitely – the views from all directions and especially west to Wheoga Mountain are impressive. It’s a very quiet location.
  • Pets: Permitted but must be restrained given there may occasionally be stock or wildlife nearby
  • Wet weather access: Not really. The site’s in a paddock so best to say dry weather only.
  • Mobile phone reception: Yes – there is direct line of sight (30 km) to Mount Tullabung which carries Telstra, Optus and Vodaphone signal
  • Showers: No
  • Water: Yes; from a tank about 200 metres to the south of the camping area. There is also a hydrant about 400 metres south west of the camping area. The water is unfiltered and untreated but has been tested in the past, found to be absolutely fine, and we use it for our own drinking, washing etc.
  • Dump site: No. The nearest official dump sites are in Grenfell and Forbes.
  • BBQ: No, but of course visitors are welcome to use their own.
  • Firewood: No. Felling trees, lopping branches or removing wood that might be on site is not permitted. Visitors are welcome to use any fallen branches at the site.
  • Television signal: Not real flash. We access signal at the house from towers on Mount Canobolas near Orange.
  • Road access: The site is immediately off Goodes Lane.
  • Rubbish bins: No. Please take your rubbish with you when you leave.

Please give us a call on 0425 760 596 to let us know you’d like to camp at the farm.

Access to the site from Goodes Lane is via the double gates shown in the photo below. They are located about 2 km on the right along Goodes Lane for those who’ve accessed Goodes Lane from the western end off Pinnacle Road. Please shut the gates after entering and exiting the farm. See the Directions to the Farm page of this website for details of how to drive to our farm.